my thanks flow out to . . .

King Pompano
Bait & Tackle Shop

Art in a bait shop?? Yes, it's for real! You may need to stop in and see it to believe it.

My gratitude to Manuel Briceno for inviting me to display my artwork at King Pompano, where local artists showcase the amazing sea creatures of the Treasure Coast. Stop by Manuel's shop to view my latest batiks of gorgeous pompano, blue crab, and snook. 

Fishing is an art to Manuel. Learn more about his story by watching him on Youtube at World Record Pompano. You can also connect with Manuel on Facebook.

Olivia Pavlov

I give a shout out to my original website designer and youngest daughter, Olivia!


Fundamentally, Olivia is a unique contribution to humanity through living love and sharing her passion for health and wellness. You can learn about Olivia's worldwide travel adventures on her website and blog or follow her on Instagram.

Larisa Pavlov

Professional Development Specialist for a nonprofit in Indianapolis, Larisa is also a beekeeper, my proofreader, and my eldest daughter!


Larisa receives my thanks for her editing skills and patience in critiquing the countless drafts of all my artwork.  


Her love of words and creative expression started at a young age and continue to inspire me to this day!


batik & watercolor by

Larisa Pavlov 2017

Jonathan Earley

Jon is the creator of the innovative after school curriculum, Laserbird Academy, which teaches students practical web design, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills, with the built-in opportunity to apply them to a social issues project. Jon incorporates the philosophy of Landmark Worldwide  in his work to provide participants with the best experience possible. 

Thanks to Jon for his mentorship and guidance!

John G. Henning

John is a Catholic author and poet whose published works include Before The Change, Omega Factor, and Birth and Death.


My thanks go out to John for sharing his inspired poetic verses for my cards.


You can connect with John on Facebook to learn about his upcoming book, Walking Through Thorns, and his other writings.

Nested with a Loving Heart

verse composed by

John G.Henning, 2017

My Family

Endless gratitude goes to my family for their loving encouragement of my artistic adventures! And to the originator of our band of Parks Family Artists, my mother Barbara Parks Butler, I am forever grateful. There is no website to showcase her creations. To see her artwork, I have only to look at the lives of my brothers and sisters, to their spouses, children and grandchildren, to witness her creativity flowing through four generations!

Still Life with Poppies

charcoal study by

Barbara Butler, circa 1995

Christy Evans

Christy is a professional graphic designer and Certified Wix Webmaster committed to making the process of creating a website an enjoyable experience for her clients.


Thanks to Christy for her creativity, professionalism and gentle humor while giving my site a total makeover!


You can read more about Christy and her work at


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