Sunset Perspectives

February 28, 2017


Tonight I took a sunset walk, accepting this glorious gift from the universe, and in return I offered my delight.


In the space of an hour, I walked past wayside palmetto stands graced with tall pines whispering in the breeze and live oaks trailing their wisps of Spanish moss. Birds and crickets echoed their evening chirps to each other from side to side across the road. A few cranes strutted through the roadside ditches dotted with wildflowers and waterlilies. I inhaled the welcome freshness of this cool Florida evening. I exhaled in thankfulness.


And then the sky performance began. A last burst of the sun’s yellow rays shot through a hedge of sea grapes, its leaves now backlit with golden speckles. As the yellow glow receded, pink and purple hues took its place. The color of the horizon swelled in intensity until every inch of sky was dazzling with lavender and pink, each lowly channel transformed into a reflection pond of glorious pastels.


Thankfully I was not alone to witness all of this beauty. My companion was there, every step of the way on our 4-mile nature trek.  Despite her constancy, at times she limped a bit. Eventually, she started to complain.  Soon her squeaky voice was countered by loud squawking from the birds as we passed, their feathers ruffled by the disturbance of noisy passersby. Obviously my companion was growing weary of our long walk along the narrow shoulder, so I did my best to encourage her, nudging her along as we kept pace in the dimming light, side by side along the road.


Eventually the walkway bridge leading home across a familiar channel came into view, just as the final pink filament of sunset faded into twilight. We approached the condo now in silent reflection, content to have shared our journey, and happy to be home.


I left my companion in the downstairs storage room for the night. I will fix her flat tire in the morning.


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